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BICYCLE LANES: Fairfax with vegetated swale BICYCLE LANES: Golden Gate Park Concourse SF db BICYCLE LANES: hotel zone in Portland BICYCLE LANES: Fell Street colored and dashed. SHARROWS green backed Sharrow SHARROWS: sharrow only SF db SHARROWS: Portland dinner plate SHARE THE ROAD SIGNAGE: on Hayes. SHARE THE ROAD SIGNAGE: bike and baby sign SHARE THE ROAD SIGNAGE: bikes and pedestrians on the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland. SHARE THE ROAD SIGNAGE: Valencia no parking in the bike lane sign BICYCLE BOX: Portland BICYCLE BOX: London BICYCLE TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Budapest BICYCLE TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Vienna stop. BICYCLE TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Vienna go. BICYCLE CONTER-FLOW LANES: Vienna BICYCLE CONTER-FLOW LANES: separated bike lane Montreal: Mark Hogan BICYCLE ON-SIDEWALK LANES: with female cyclist, Paris. BICYCLE ON-SIDEWALK LANES: Budapest. BICYCLE CROSSWALKS: with multiple bike symbols, Paris BICYCLE CROSSWALKS: with green checkerboard paint, Paris BICYCLE CROSSWALKS: with red pavement in Vienna. BICYCLE CROSSWALKS: with multiple sharrows in NYC COLORED PAVEMENT: Portland Hawthorne Bridge landing 2010 looking backward 1. COLORED PAVEMENT: Portland Hawthorne Bridge landing 2010 looking backward 2. COLORED PAVEMENT: Portland Hawthorne Bridge landing 2010 looking forward.. COLORED PAVEMENT: counterflow bike lane, Marne River, France COLORED PAVEMENT: bike lane, near Paris db COLORED PAVEMENT: lines in granite pavers in Copenhagen COLORED PAVEMENT: two textures of granite pavers in Copenhagen CYCLE TRACK: one way with auto parking, Paris, photo: db CYCLE TRACK: without parking, Paris CYCLE TRACK: Jiaxing China, photo: db CYCLE TRACK: Budapest 1 CYCLE TRACK: Budapest detail. CYCLE TRACK: wide Paris CYCLE TRACK: San Francisco's first on Market Street, with the City Traffic Engineer, Jack Flect, checking it out. BICYCLE-BUS LANE: Paris BICYCLE-BUS LANE: Paris with bus! BICYCLE-BUS LANE: Portland, Oregon BICYCLE BOULEVARDS: Berkeley 1 BICYCLE BOULEVARDS: sign Emeryville BICYCLE BOULEVARDS: diverter with Andy Thornley TRAFFIC CALMING: speed table and pinch on Marne River TRAFFIC CALMING: angled back in parking in Portland. BICYCLE PATHS: SF GGP db BICYCLE PATHS: next to Crissy Field BICYCLE PATHS: SF GGNRA Crissy shore db BICYCLE PATHS: Presidio path leading to GGB BICYCLE PATHS: SF GGB db BICYCLE PATHS: Mill Valley estuary BICYCLE PATHS: in Tiburon BICYCLE PATHS: In Tiburon with lots of people. BICYCLE PATHS: Vienna BICYCLE PATHS: Marne River, France. asphalt. BICYCLE PATHS: Marne River, France. gravel. BICYCLE PATHS: Paris. old railroad right of way BICYCLE PATHS: Utah BICYCLE PATHS: UCSB bike-way with rider BICYCLE PATHS: No Pedestrians! UC Santa Barbara BICYCLE PATHS: S. San Francisco BART ROW BICYCLE PATHS: Copenhagen PRAGS greenway ped/bike path BICYCLE PATHS: Minneapolis Midtown Greenway BICYCLE PATHS: Minneapolis Mississippi Stone Bridge mixed use trail BICYCLE PATHS: Minneapolis Greenway BICYCLE PARKING: Mint Plaza, SF BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign in San Jose BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign in Paris. BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign in Vienna BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign SF db BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign on Emeryville bike boulevard BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign Luberon velo BICYCLE WAYFINDING: sign Luberon velo detail BICYCLE WAYFINDING: Minneapolis Midtown Greenway BIKE SHARING: Velib! pod on the West Bank. BIKE SHARING: Velib map BIKE SHARING: citybike, Vienna BIKE SHARING Minneapolis Nice Ride by Bixi BIKE SHARING: Minneapolis Nice Ride station